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Virtek LTG

Laser projection with Virtek Laser Template Generator (LTG) for steel panels

It’s the next generation of laser projection for assembly of steel walls and floor panels.

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The Virtek® LTG (Laser Template Generator) system projects a laser template of the panel members onto the work surface, showing workers how to assemble panels and sub-components.

Optimize your throughput. 
With the Virtek LTG system, there’s no need to refer to blueprints or use a measuring tape, so even the most complicated wall or floor panel can be built quickly.

Visualize the finished product. 
Project the location of studs, headers, sheathing, nailing pattern, subcomponents, openings, and inserts with accuracy of ±1.6mm (1/16 inch). Workers see how to assemble panels before they begin. The result is higher throughput and improved quality.

Improve communication. 
Interface with leading panel design software programs and AutoCAD® software. With the Virtek LTG system, engineering changes between design and manufacturing are easily communicated.

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