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Virtek Iris™ 3D with Vision Positioning System (VPS)

Innovative vision technology with laser projection all in one system

Project laser templates exponentially faster.

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The Virtek Iris 3D system significantly advances laser-guided assembly with new integrated vision technology, innovative FlashAlign functionality and superior laser-line visibility. Setup is 20 times faster, and realignments are reduced from minutes to seconds—saving time and increasing workflow productivity, while retaining quality and accuracy. Explore Virtek's other solutions.

Virtek 3D Core Benefits

  • Advanced software created to guide you through the assembly process
  • New FlashAlign eliminates delays with alignment and drift check, saving time 
  • Simplified user interface requires minimal training, which helps reduce cost and operator errors 
  • Faster setup and realignments mean significant time savings and increased workflow productivity
  • The new vision system is smaller, lightweight and portable
  • Reduces ownership cost, reduces maintenance time with field-replaceable components
  • Superior laser beam visibility, provides sharper focus and reduced flicker 

Additional Benefits

  • Accurately projects a 3D virtual laser template onto molds and parts to guide operators through the process of part fabrication whether it be ply layup, paint masking, final assembly or component location
  • Automatically projects crosshairs to indicate drill locations, punch locations, assembly positions
  • Dramatically reduces costly rejects, rework and operator errors
  • Reduces projection flicker with refined galvanometer design
  • Intuitive visual aids assist the operator by displaying text and icons directly on the work surface
  • Control projection from the work surface allowing for more the operator to be more efficient

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Accelerate workflow and avoid production delays.


Traditional Laser Projection

  • Significant improvement over physical templates and hand measurements
  • Alignment can be time-consuming and is subject to operator error
  • Drift check failures interrupt projection and force realignment, which can also fail, stopping work

Virtek Iris 3D

  • The intelligent vision system directs alignment. No operator intervention required. Open the work order, and the system will begin projecting. Start working right away. Avoid costly delays and eliminate operator error
  • The system can align to a tool positioned anywhere within the field of view and in any orientation
  • Target scanning is 20 times faster, increasing workflow
  • Using the vision system, drift check is smarter.  It avoids checking blocked targets, eliminating the need for realignment when nothing has moved.

Extend hardware life and minimize repair costs and downtime.

Traditional Laser Projection

  • Any repairs required returning the hardware to the manufacturer
  • Shipping alone was expensive and time-consuming

Virtek Iris 3D

  • Each of the major components is now field-replaceable, dramatically reducing repair costs and downtime
  • Lower repair time means reduced inventory, which means two-fold savings: less expensive repairs and fewer spare units to purchase
  • Repair locations are now available in Waterloo, CA; Manchester, UK and Shanghai, CN

Increase speed and precision with reduced operator errors.

Traditional Laser Projection

  • The traditional laser projection process often requires templates and time-consuming measurement procedures 
  • Traditional lasers are complex systems that require more robust training

Virtek Iris 3D

  • With the Iris 3D, the projected image is always precise, because it is generated from the product’s CAD data. Advanced vision technology allows the Iris 3D to locate a part in 3D space. 
  • Simpler file management and setup options save time and reduce errors.